Only the freshest selections make it to our shelves!

At IGA we pride ourselves in bringing our customers Canadian poultry and beef products that are simply a cut above the rest!

Our buyers work closely with a select number of Canadian suppliers to guarantee we receive top quality products. We are proud to offer Alberta premium AAA Angus Beef from Circle B Ranch aged minimum 21 days with exquisite marbling.

Our tender, succulent steaks and roasts are cut and wrapped in-store and our premium grade beef is always ground in-store to maintain quality and taste perfection when enjoyed at your table. If we’re selling it today, it’s ground fresh in our store today!

IGA offers a full service meat department to help you select the best cut of meat, or poultry to suit your needs – just ask our knowledgeable staff to assist you and they’ll cut to your specification so you know it’s fresh and ready to go.

If you need a little extra inspiration, we’ve got a great selection of pre-marinated steaks, chicken breasts, roasts and seasoned ground beef to help get your meal prepped to perfection!

Try one of our ready-to-grill recipes today, and bite into a juicy sensation!