Organic & Natural

our organic & natural products

Organically speaking, we’ve got you covered!

At IGA we’ve been carefully sourcing our Organics brand for years. We believe we’ve succeeded in shaping it into something our customers can look to with unwavering confidence when selecting from hundreds of organic items.

Always on the lookout for new ways to bring the best organically-produced items to you, we are constantly expanding our marketplace to encompass the latest selection of quality organic goods. We now offer more than 1200 different organic items throughout IGA stores – helping ensure that you always find what you are looking for.

Throughout the isles and departments of all of our stores, rest assured that when you come across Organic products: you are purchasing quality and organic integrity products backed by our storewide guarantee.

We also have a large selection of natural food products including wheat and gluten free products, dairy and lactose free, vegetarian and vegan foods, low sodium foods, no sugar added, cholesterol free, trans fat free, kosher, eco friendly products, non toxic cleaners, biodegradable products, herbal teas, pure fruit juices, vitamins, energy supplements, soy/rice products and much more.