Seafood so fresh and enticing, you’ll be hooked!

We know how important it is to have fresh seafood available – so we only stock our cases with the best seafood offerings on a daily basis.

Our seafood arrives to us from our network of trusted suppliers. This helps us guarantee you only receive top quality products to enjoy – just as though you caught it yourself!

At IGA we strive to offer our customers the best selection of seafood each season. We source our seafood locally first, yet recognize the need to provide quality and variety to our customers year-round. Our goal is to provide a great selection of seasonal and imported options at our seafood counters. Be it BC salmon you’re looking for (we only sell wild) or other succulent seafood offerings, we’ve got it fresh or flash frozen in our stores just for you!

Our seafood department also offers a number of ready-to-go options as well, so you don’t have to worry about designing the perfect meal. Grab a family-sized filet of pre-marinated BC salmon, halibut, or delicious bacon-wrapped scallops and stuffed jumbo-prawns and you’re good to go! We also provide recipes to help you cook with flavour and taste.

Feel good shopping for seafood at IGA as we’ve taken the Ocean Wise challenge. We are committed to sourcing sustainable products in an effort to maintain environmental stability for future generations.

Ocean Wise and Us:

We recognize the importance of sustainable seafood and have embraced the Ocean Wise belief that, as a company, we must ensure the longevity of life in our oceans is not affected by what we choose for our store shelves.

What is the Ocean Wise Program?

The Ocean Wise program is based on research and recommendations from the Vancouver Aquarium, who review the latest scientific information – and then recommend sustainable seafood choices to Ocean Wise partners like IGA and MarketPlace IGA.

Sustainable seafood is, very simply, seafood caught in a way that ensures the health of our oceans for years to come. Some Ocean Wise choices are species that are:

  • Managed as part of a comprehensive plan based on current research
  • Harvested in ways that limit accidental bycatch of other, possibly endangered species
  • Harvest in way that limit damage to ocean habitats
  • Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures