Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Tips

The Gift of Choice
Give your mother a few options for breakfast – go the extra mile and make a menu card to give her the full experience!

Platter Up
Whether you’re making her pancakes, salmon lox with cream cheese on a bagel or a continental breakfast – make it extra special by displaying it on a big platter.

Flower Power
Everybody loves receiving flowers and your mother is no exception! Add a couple of flowers to a glass or small vase and put it on your breakfast tray. Or give her a full bouquet.

Cookie Cutter Trick
Cookie cutters can be used for more than just cookies! Make heart or flower shaped pancakes, eggs, waffles, toast… the options are endless!

Clean Up
Don’t leave a messy kitchen! This is THE most important part of breakfast in bed. Nothing will a great breakfast in bed than walking into a mess they will have to clean up.