Camping Tips

Going camping? Here's a list of some of our favourite food essentials! 


Eggs are extremely versatile - enjoy them at breakfast, fried, scrambled or even boiled. You can also try cracking an egg into your bowl of instant noodles! They're a great way to obtain more protein. 



One block of cheese will last you many meals! Grate some cheese to make an omelette, slice some cheese to make a sandwich, the options are endless! Feeling extra fancy? Melt cheese for an awesome camp fondue! 



Tortilla are great because they won't take up much space as they're flat and they also double as a utensil! You can use tortillas to directly scoop up your fillings. 



Fruit make an effortless snack. Whether bananas, apples, berries or oranges - there'll be a fruit for anyone!



Noodles are great to help fill you up! You can make all kinds of spaghetti, noodle salads and more.  Don't overlook instant macaroni & cheese or instant noodles - both are great in a pinch and are so easy to prepare when camping! 



Like noodles, bread will help to fill you up. Plus it takes minimum effort to enjoy. Think toast, sandwiches or just plain on its own. 



There's nothing quite like enjoying a fresh made cup of coffee (or tea) while camping outdoors to get the day started!



Is it really camping if you don't make s'mores?!