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Bacon Tips

Follow these 5 tips for that perfect crunchy-yet-tender bacon!


Don’t Overcrowd

The bacon needs room to breathe. When you crowd the bacon, it will leave you with a mess of tangled strips of floppy bacon instead of the perfectly crisp strips you know and deserve. So spread that bacon out!


Low & Slow

Don’t start off your bacon in a hot pan, this causes the fat to not be adequately rendered, leaving you with a slightly under-cooked and slightly burnt strip. Nobody wants that, so start it low and slow, and bring up the heat as needed.


The Water Trick

Try adding some water in the pan and let it simmer, this will help render the fat so there is a lot less splattering. More importantly, this technique produces the perfect crispy-yet-tender texture.


Roast It

Need to cook a lot of bacon at once? Use your oven! Make sure to line your baking sheet with foil or parchment paper to make clean-up easier. Bake at 400F for about 15 minutes.


Keep the Fat

Before you clean up, don’t even think about throwing out that bacon fat! That sizzly combination of oil and rendered fat in your pan is perfect for frying potatoes or even adding to soups for a boost of richness


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Delicious Grilled Burgers

3 Rules for Delicious Grilled Burgers


The Best Beef
Ground beef that has at least 20% fat content yields a nice juicy burger. Use fresh ground beef for best results. Our ground beef is always ground fresh daily! 

Season Liberally 
The trick is to use salt after your patties are formed and just a few minutes before they hit the grill. Fresh cracked black pepper is also a must. 

Shape & Size Matters 
Keep your patties all uniform in size so that they cook evenly. Add a slight dimple in the centre of the patty to keep the perfect disc shape.


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Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Tips

The Gift of Choice
Give your mother a few options for breakfast – go the extra mile and make a menu card to give her the full experience!

Platter Up
Whether you’re making her pancakes, salmon lox with cream cheese on a bagel or a continental breakfast – make it extra special by displaying it on a big platter.

Flower Power
Everybody loves receiving flowers and your mother is no exception! Add a couple of flowers to a glass or small vase and put it on your breakfast tray. Or give her a full bouquet.

Cookie Cutter Trick
Cookie cutters can be used for more than just cookies! Make heart or flower shaped pancakes, eggs, waffles, toast… the options are endless!

Clean Up
Don’t leave a messy kitchen! This is THE most important part of breakfast in bed. Nothing will a great breakfast in bed than walking into a mess they will have to clean up.

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Smart Snacking

Go for Grains
Whole-grain snacks can give you some energy with staying power. Try some whole-grain low-salt pretzels or tortilla chips, or a serving of high-fiber cereals.


Bring Back Breakfast
Many breakfast foods can be repurposed as a nutritious snack later in the day. How about a slice of whole-grain toast topped with low-sugar jam?


Go Nuts!
Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews, hazelnuts, and other nuts and seeds contain many beneficial nutrients and are more likely to leave you feeling full. 


Plan Ahead
Have healthy snacks on hand and easily accessible. Think cut up fruit or yogurt and granola. This will prevent you from grabbing something unhealthy like chips or cookies. 


Keep Hydrated
Avoid sugary drinks and make sure you drink enough water a day. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger.

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Start off BBQ Season

Chances are your barbecue has been hibernating since Fall. Follow these 3 tips before you get grilling!


Deep Clean

Start the grilling season off with a complete top-to-bottom scrubbing. Start by removing the grill grates and wiping down the interior of the grill with a paper towel or mildly abrasive sponge in order to remove any built-up grease and residue. Don't forget to clean out the grease trap. 


Great Grates

Rusty grill grates are one the most common issues when a grill sits unused for an extended period of time. 

Start by scrubbing the grates aggressively with a wire-bristled brush or S.O.S pad to remove the rust particles. Once the grill is completely clean of rust spots, season the grate well with oil. 


Test Run

Before you start cooking, give your barbecue a quick safety check. Specifically, if you have a gas grill, check the hose from your propane to your burners and make sure it’s intact and clean. If everything looks good, turn on your grill, light it up, and let it burn for a few minutes. Watch it to make sure all the burners are firing and there are no leaks.

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Turkey Tips

Whether you've made turkey before or it's your first time - follow these 5 tips for the best turkey ever!


Buy the Right Size

Not sure how big of a turkey to get? Simply tally up the number of people, add a few pounds on for bones and you've got your turkey weight. For example, for 6 people, you will need a 9lb turkey.


Use Your Veggies

Create a natural roasting rack for your turkey by layering carrots, onions and celery on the bottom of the roasting pan. Lifting the turkey off the base of the pan helps to increase hot air circulation around the whole bird so that it will get crispy all over. Plus the veggies add great flavour to the gravy!


Keep the Stuffing on the Side

A stuffed turkey will take longer to cook, which could result in drier meat. Instead, loosely fill the turkey with aromatics such as onions and herbs, and cook the stuffing separately.


Butter Up!

Before putting it in the oven, make sure the skin of the turkey is as dry as possible, and then rub it all over with butter or oil. For even moister meat, place pats of butter under the skin.


Let it Rest

To lock in juices, loosely tent your turkey with foil and let it rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes before carving.



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